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OPENCAMERAS was born as a cooperative non profit project after my stay in Sucre (Bolivia) upon my arrival in October 2011. The objective was to teach photography and computer skills in two girls’ orphanages. The girls live there either because they were abandoned or due to the exclusion of their families. With my own equipment: a digital reflex camera, two small digicams and a laptop, they learned to portray their daily lives at home and took their first steps in the use of information technology.

OPENCAMERAS ACTIONS in 2011, 2012 and 2013:
1. Photo and NT worshops for kids and teenagers in danger living in Orpanagues in Sucre, Bolivia:

- Calor de Hogar orphanague
- Guadalupe centrer
- Solidaridad center

- SOS Children’s Villages International in Spain

2.  Donations of digital cameras in the centers and orphanagues, donations also of  scholar material , notebooks, textbooks, literature, educational games, computers…

3. Donation in Kortobi orphanague in Maroc.

Our daily interaction; knowing their harsh reality, seeing the learning capacity of these kids and being able to verify the positive effects that photography had in them, I decided to get more involved. I initiated an educational aid and support plan to meet the schooling needs of each and every girl, as well as a sponsorship programme to meet these needs.


To continue this project, supporting and educating in other children’s homes and orphanages.

Maria Torres Solanot. Documentary Photography. Learn about the documentary project being carried out in parallel to this aid project.

The images and videos that appear on this website are solely intended for the benefit of the girls in these children’s homes and for the dissemination of Please write if you would like to use any of them.

This site was made in order to help the children. Partial or total diffusion of these photos and videos is authorised in so far as they are used for non-profit purposes and are wholly and exclusively used for the purpose of this project.

With the support and thanks to the Departmental Services of Chuquisaca Social Management in Sucre (Bolivia).

The images are solely intended to promote the welfare and educational project of the Homes and Shelters that sponsors. Please contact us for any enquiries. This case is particularly important because it includes children in homes and is a nonprofit project.


-Disseminating the project in the media: Press or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs.

-Collaborating: exchanging and synergies with other charitable projects: photographic, artistic, documentary, as well as other initiatives, associations, foundations, etc.

-Donations: sponsorship and patronage. 

-Events or activities designed to raise awareness of the project or to raise funds.

-In our blog you will be regularly informed about all the contributions, donations, involvement and what each is specifically intended for, as well as the project’s achievements: missions and challenges.


María Torres-Solanot Documentary Photographer


In parallel to OPENCAMERAS collaborative work, we are embarking on a documentary project, revolving around orphancy: abandonment, its causes and consequences, in-family foster care and the adoption process.

It also deals with the restorative and resilient power of photography and other art when overcoming emotional pain and traumatic experiences.

To participate, help or tell us about anything related to this cause, please get in touch with us.

This project will be exhibited and screened shortly.

Son cosas chiquitas. No acaban con la pobreza, no nos sacan del subdesarrollo, no socializan los medios de producción y de cambio, no expropian las cuevas de Alí Babá. Pero quizá desencadenen la alegría de hacer, y la traduzcan en actos. Y al fin y al cabo, actuar sobre la realidad y cambiarla, aunque sea un poquito, es la única manera de probar que la realidad es transformable
— Eduardo Galeano

Opencameras está registrada como Organización sin ánimo de lucro en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones en el Ministerio del Interior con el número 601827.